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So I’m having fantasies of either a Dean/Clark or Clark/Dean ticket. At this point, and considering the way the war is going, this ticket would probably offer the strongest challenge to Bush.

dc: plausible.



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NATO’s New Front Friedman in the Times


At this new historical pivot point, we’re still dealing with a bipolar world, only the divide this time is no longer East versus West, but the World of Order versus the World of Disorder. But here’s the surprise: the key instrument through which the World of Order will try to deal with threats from the World of Disorder will still be NATO. Only in this new, expanded NATO, Russia will gradually replace France, and the region where the new NATO will direct its peacekeeping energies will shift from the East to the South. Yes, NATO will continue to be based in Europe, but its primary theaters of operation will be the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq and possibly the Arab-Israel frontier.

dc: this is very interesting. Another potential way out, should the admin be forced to it. Which I doubt. But, besides the hearts and minds side of the war going badly, any involvement with SARS, or much worsening economic scene (wquite likely) would also trigger an exit strategy. So would the decison of the arab staes to enter the war (also plausible, but less likly).


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Special Search Operations Yield No Banned Weapons (washingtonpost.com)


Bush administration officials are acutely aware that their declared war aims call for an early display of evidence. John S. Wolf, assistant secretary of state for nonproliferation, recently said that the seventh floor of the State Department — where Secretary Colin L. Powell and other top political appointees work — was keen on swift discovery of a “smoking gun,” according to someone present.

“The president has made very clear that the reason why we are in Iraq is to find weapons of mass destruction,” Wolf said in a telephone interview yesterday. He added, “The fact that we haven’t found them in seven or eight days doesn’t faze me one little bit. Very clearly, we need to find this stuff or people are going to be asking questions.”

dc: A bad plot.


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March 24, 2003 — IN combat, the ideal leader is the man who remains calm and methodical under fire. Today’s 24/7 broadcast news demands just the opposite: raised voices, an atmosphere of crisis and a rush to judgment.
After declaring victory on Friday and Saturday, a number of media outlets all but announced our defeat yesterday, treating the routine events of warfare as if they were disasters.


We’re winning, the Iraqis are losing, and the American people have executive seats for what may prove to be the most successful military campaign in history.

I do recognize that the majority of our journalists

dc: I do’t like this style, too brash. But he may have the facts right. Important to consider, and consdier again.


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Back Off, Syria and Iran!


But in pursuit of what they call a “moral” foreign policy, they stretched and obscured the truth. First, they hyped C.I.A. intelligence to fit their contention that Saddam and Al Qaeda were linked. Then they sent Colin Powell out with hyped evidence about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. Then, when they were drawing up the battle plan, they soft-pedaled C.I.A. and Pentagon intelligence warnings that U.S. troops would face significant resistance from Saddam’s guerrilla fighters.
In cranking up their war plan with expurgated intelligence, the hawks left the ground troops exposed and insufficiently briefed on the fedayeen. Ideology should not shape facts when lives are at stake.

dc: There is a report in the NYT this morning that Bush is glued to the tv, watching cable channels on the war, and making calls about issues from there! That menas he is watching Fox and CNN, Gad.

Three directions: 1. the admin escalates externally and interally. 2. is that the admin comes apart. 3. is that they muddle through. The fragging of the Republican Guards (people with families who will remember) leads to a collapse and US Brit troops move where they want. Then comes the end game end game end game end ga end..


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The Observer | Business | US arms trader to run Iraq


Exclusive: Ex-general who will lead reconstruction heads firm behind Patriot missiles

Oliver Morgan, industrial editor
Sunday March 30, 2003
The Observer

Jay Garner, the retired US general who will oversee humanitarian relief and reconstruction in postwar Iraq, is president of an arms company that provides crucial technical support to missile systems vital to the US invasion of the country.

Garner’s business background is causing serious concerns at the United Nations and among aid agencies, who are already opposed to US administration of Iraq if it comes outside UN authority, and who say appointment of an American linked to the arms trade is the ‘worst case scenario’ for running the country after the war.

dc: Ouch

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