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Just back from Kyoto and the International Conference on Infant Studies, what they call charmingly in Japan “Baby science”. The idea was to rethink Erikson’s eight stages as a design template for society, and to look at the impact of the garden/temple impact on Japan quality of life.


June 10

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The delay in writing is based on the tragic sense of our time. The amount of killing US inspired, the nature of oil, empire, decay, loss of the constitutional balances (over a long period, not just this administration).

The failure and potential consequences seems so deep, hard to know what really to do. I persist in the idea of garden world (see my latest draft .

A late empire trouble, necessary decine being poorly managed by elites that want to remain in control..

I think that we need to pay more attention to politics, not less. Our focus, as a society, as a world, has been on money. The shift needs to be to a lager and more interesting frame. Politics, since Aristotle, has been conceptually at the center. Religious and financial considerations intervened.

The US and the media, reading

First, let me restate something I’ve said in the past. The US is a propaganda state. There is no other explanation for the fact that pluralities or majorities of Americans believe things that are clearly untrue, and known to be untrue to the public in every other democratic state in the world. (The iconic example, which cannot be explained away, is the fact that most Americans thought that the Iraq was involved with 9/11. There is no credible evidence for this, there never was any credible evidence for this, and yet they believed it. As a result George Bush was able to sell an illegal war against a country that had done nothing to the US and offered no threat to the US. Simply put, the administration told a Big Lie, and the media didn’t call them on it.)

The news about Zarqawi and the manipulation by the US to make him look more important – and tied to Al qaeda – than he is, is just a sign of further deterioration of the nformation sphere.

And I wonder, information, energy, money. Are these not all in the same realm? Not just pragmatically, but at the root, almost fungible?

Economics and life – an article

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This is a very interesting article on how economics, as an administrative discipline, came to separate out economics from the rest of life.

To recapitulate: ideas about national economy, and about the “economic” as a distinct
part of life, were generated by a particular way of dividing up observable human
society. Economists began with a complexly interconnected social and historical world,
“an unresolved and prior combination of reason, force, imagination and resources,”41
and split it into economic and non-economic realms, and they did so in an indirect way.
Unable to define “the economic” on its own terms without vagueness, they seized on a
popular sentimentalized notion of the family, defined it as non-economic, and used that
idealized picture of the sentimental motherhood to define the economic as its opposite:
the economic was defined as the non-non-economic.

New notebok

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I’ve also started using gogle’s new notebook to dogear passages in daily on line reading, witha few comments. Its a prey intersting slice throgh the day.

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