The fate of cities and those who live in them.

May 29, 2007 § Leave a comment

 The following editorial and linked aticles are very important.

The city as stage for social upheaval

For the sociology of the early twentieth century, the city, which in the course of industrialization had undergone rapid expansion and whose development was concurrent with that of sociology itself, was the “laboratory of the modern”. Sociologists of the city focused above all on processes of social segregation observable in the urban space.
The twenty-first-century city, on the other hand, reflects disparities on an international scale that result from structural changes in employment and refugee movement: while the shrinking city is a phenomenon in former industrial regions, megacities develop in Third World regions undergoing transition from rural economies. Concepts such as “edge cities”, “creative cities”, and “informational cities” point to the city’s functional shift, which appears to bear the imprint of a new relation between production, space, and society.

Eurozine editorial
Michelle Provoost
New towns on the Cold War frontier
Annette Baldauf
Shopping town USA
Mark Saunders
Fish ‘n’ freedom fries. On regeneration and other London Olympic myths
François Ruffin
Marseille: Upgrades and degradation
Jacques Donzelot et al.
November nights 2005: The geography of violence
Benedict Seymour
Drowning by numbers. The non-reproduction of New Orleans
Robert Misik
Simulated cities, sedated living. The shopping mall as paradigmatic site of lifestyle capitalism
Ivaylo Ditchev
Sofia, fluid city
Luchezar Boyadjiev
Billboard heaven
Philippe Pataud Célérier
Shanghai privatized. Real estate speculations in Shanghai
Hannah Rutishauser
Whoever has a house, survives. Life for migrants to Istanbul’s suburbs
Swapan Chakravorty
Imminent ruin and desperate remedy
Filip De Boeck
The city of Kinshasa as verbal architecture
Ilija Trojanow
The abolition of poverty. Report from Bombay
Henrik Lebuhn
Entrepreneurial urban politics and urban social movements in Los Angeles
Staffan Granér
Hernando de Soto and the mystification of capital
Olivier Mongin
From class struggle to place struggle

Source: Eurozine – Articles


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