New thoughts on Development

June 28, 2007 § Leave a comment

Here are some difficult and important  articles

William Easterly lays out the idea that the theory of development is as equally difficult and dangerous as the theories of fascism and communism. This article from foreign affairs in summary can be found in total at


An article proposes that Robert Zoellick could use the bank’s influence to help revive dead capital in developing countries by appointing  Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto as chief economist for the World Bank.  De Soto zero is that four people have a long document of land which, if they own to it and had title, they could get bank loans on.  What he fails to recognize or maybe actually understands, is that four people would sell the land to richer people how it then get the benefit of its future development.  The marketization of everything is not good for most people.

And we have, From Foreign Affairs, Azar Gat (Tel Aviv): The Return of Authoritarian Great Powers.


Today’s global liberal democratic order faces two challenges. The first is radical Islam — and it is the lesser of the two challenges. Although the proponents of radical Islam find liberal democracy repugnant, and the movement is often described as the new fascist threat, the societies from which it arises are generally poor and stagnant. They represent no viable alternative to modernity and pose no significant military threat to the developed world. It is mainly the potential use of weapons of mass destruction — particularly by nonstate actors — that makes militant Islam a menace.

The second, and more significant, challenge emanates from the rise of nondemocratic great powers: the West’s old Cold War rivals China and Russia, now operating under authoritarian capitalist, rather than communist, regimes. Authoritarian capitalist great powers played a leading role in the international system up until 1945. They have been absent since then. But today, they seem poised for a comeback.

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