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I grew up in a world of Wilkie and Eisenhower, in the shadow of Wall Street interests, but with a face of sanity and probity, taking care of the American empire in a business like modest seeming and very knowledgeable way. There is proably some illusion and idealization mixed in with that early experience. But there always was a “moderate republican” world, building on the idea of he republic of the founding fathers, , that had some coherence and attractiveness to a broad part of the population, at least enough to let them govern.

I would now blame that group for the Cold War, which was unnecessary, and then Korea.

In recent years – but maybe since Kennedy, that Republican world has seemed to collapse. Sure it maintains an operating connection with the business world – itself much changed. But it is a world of opportunism, trading support for support, legislative for financial.  Not what i remember.

But on the their side were the Democrats, the demos, not Jeffersonian refined republican ruralists, but inner city, immigrant based, angry.. well, in New York City I learned from Laguardia and the mob and Vito Marcantonio.

But I lived in a poor neighborhood and saw and felt the lives of people not exposed to genteel power, but they were alive and full of compassion and strong feelings.

So now we can get a headline like

WASHINGTON – In the face of a critical Senate debate on future US strategy in Iraq, neo-conservatives and other hawks are trying to rally increasingly skeptical – and worried – Republicans behind continued support for President George W Bush’s five-month-old “surge” strategy.

and I wonder about the republicans today. Folks lie Lincoln Chaffee seemed like from the old mold, classy, a bit snobbish, and lacking full courage, but well informed about issues. What of today’s Republicans? they seem, Isay seem because I know enough to know that self presentation in pubic and private can be quite different, well what are they like? They seem lacking in any understanding of the middle east, totally deficient in the conservative trait of ability to understand the heart of the opponent – or other, or potential friend.


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