Aug 6

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I am wondering, how much the world is falling apart, taking on new qualities becoming something older, and newer, feudalism and cyberspace. Staying gold for 40 years

With 13.4 million copies sold, teen novel The Outsiders is even more relevant today than when it was first published, writes Micah Toub

The amazing thing is, she’s not exaggerating by that much. Hinton was a mere 15 when she started writing from the point of view of 14-year-old Ponyboy, a greaser whose gang of blue-collar friends are in conflict with the posh kids from the East Side, known as the Socials (he calls them Socs, for short).

I am rereading Hillman and Ventura’s We’ve had a hundred years of psychotherapy and the world is getting worse. This book was formative at the point I was questioning the balance between consulting and one on one conversations. Very emotional revisiting this.

Scott Horton has my attention. His blend of high culture, high courage, good politics and engagement is wonderful. But add to it the flow of words, the extraordinary productivity, and i am amazed.

he is at

Thee there the Seligman case, German culture, and the fall of the boot on American society.

I was in a discussion over the weekend about subjectivity and objectivity. A distinction I think is false – and this morning working on Chinese from the Princeton Classical Chinese reader,

Zhuangzi and Huizi were strolling on the Hao River bridge. Zhuangzi said: “The minnows dart in and out of the water, leisurely and contentedly swimming — this is fish being happy.” Huizi said: “You are not a fish; how do you know that the fish are happy ?’ Zhuangzi said: “You are not I; so how do you know that I do not know the fish are happy?

Huizi said: “I am not you; indeed, I don’t know you; you by nature are not a fish: there is absolutely no question that you don’t know that the fish are happy.” .Zhuangzi said: go back to the starting point of our argument. When you said, ‘How did you come to know this,’ you already had to have known that I knew the fish are happy, only then could you have asked me where I knew it from. I came to know it from being on the bridge over the Hao River.’


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