Bush non-presidency

August 27, 2007 § Leave a comment

I’ve been thinking that the Bush presidency is a partial presidency. That is, we normally expect a president to have wide ranging views on the nature of government, the needs of the country, and a long list of things that need to be of concern to a “President”. Bush never had such a list. He never showed interest in the Presidency a such. His approach has been truncated, cut down to a small agenda.

  • Support business friends
  • Find an issue lead so as to be the Churchill of  or Lincoln, or Truman, or whomever..)
  • Make the country conventionally religious
  • Understand that the military is the way to an economy
  • Dont worry about budgets because first we can pay for them, and second it helps spend down the ability of the county to support New Deal things.
  • Attack enemies of whatever kind (throwback to Nixon)
  • Appoint women and short fat men to positions of power. Nobody with any stature.
  • Remember baseball and which team you are on. the others don’t count if they are out of the league, and if they are in the league, watch your back.

Why did we get here? Because real talent in the country went to finance and business (mostly for market intermediaries, not producers or retailers) and that left thugs that needed to be hired to govern. Rich out of the mainstream white guys male and female could be found to play this role extending high school ethos of charm and competition into the national leadership. Minority types are attractive because you get bonus points and they aren’t independent (Rice, Gonzales, Powell).

George Bush never aspired to, did not run for, did not win, and does not govern as a President, but as a posse leader working for the big guys.

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