Balance of issues

September 6, 2007 § Leave a comment

We are all distracted by Iraq/Iran and the presidential election.

It is plausible that the strategy of the administration is

  • 1. Make the economy safe for its friends. Solidify the plutocracy.
  • 2. invest in a risky but not essential investment in a war to get control of the ME. This is good because it supports the Military Industrial complex that our friends own,  loss is not really significant but we can bankrupt the welfare economy by the justification of a security  But is distracts press and people from the underlying financial strategy.
  • 3. Make the Republican party the vehicle for this politics
  • 4. Keep the Democrats hobbled by new deal issues the voting public no longer cares about, and make it so there is not enough money to keep new deal policies in place.

Note that in real terms, the war in Iraq is small scale compared to wars in the past. Bush himself is a part of the strategy because he is not affected by the claims of those outside the narrow circle. The shift in economic power towards the few under the rule of corporate law is the key movement of our time.


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