Notes oct 23 2007

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The Chalmers Johnson review in the previous post is extremely helpful – and difficult.

his final paragraphs are

With this book, Stephen Holmes largely succeeds in elevating criticism of contemporary American imperialism in the Middle East to a new level. In my opinion, however, he underplays the roles of American imperialism and militarism in exploiting the 9/11 crisis to serve vested interests in the military-industrial complex, the petroleum industry, and the military establishment. Holmes leaves the false impression that the political system of the United States is capable of a successful course correction.

Chalmers Johnson is the author of the bestselling Blowback TrilogyBlowback (2000), The Sorrows of Empire (2004), and Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic (2007).

From science (subscription), but you’ll get the point. 7 sept 07


From  a friend

Turkey is about to send troops into northern Iraq (Kurdistan), Cheney is threatening to bomb Iran, and Bush’s popularity has hit an all-time low so he needs a new war to revive it — do we have some of the same conditions as late in Vietnam when Nixon promised peace but then went to a new war in Cambodia, "acting tough" to revive his falling popularity and his masculinity?

From this year’s Nobel the Prize in Economics 2007 – Press Release

The theory allows us to distinguish situations in which markets work well from those in which they do not. It has helped economists identify efficient trading mechanisms, regulation schemes and voting procedures. Today, mechanism design theory plays a central role in many areas of economics and parts of political science.

This is part of the trend of treating the entire world economy as a single machine, as explored  in


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