Notes nov 18

November 18, 2007 § Leave a comment

China as a capitalist authoritarian nation is worth considering as the alternative model to the US slightly more loose economic arrangements. But real alternatives probaably exist in quieter places, like south America and south Asia. A very interesting aricle is The China Model — from The American, A Magazine of Ideas

China’s soft power offensive and the lure of the China Model remain, however, entirely official government programs. Where soft power has worked durably and has permeated connections among nations and nationalities, it has also involved civil society and the media, the arts, cultural attraction—the broad range of informal human contacts. Beijing will not let such areas of life off the leash at home, let alone license them for export. Thus, its charm in the developing world remains that of the official with his jacket still on, the limousine with darkened windows waiting outside—fully paid for—and the critics regularly, clinically rounded up and removed beyond earshot.

But many Americans in the business community are drawn to the Chinese model because of the control. How will this play out in the next presidency?

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