State of the US dec 30, 2007

December 4, 2007 § Leave a comment

The reality is we are without a government. Bush and his appointees were never inclined to run a government, but merely an operation self serving,  just a mix of ideology and kleptocracy.  The leaders are absent. The major issues, such as economy, climate, education, environment and a thoughtful approach to security are absent in their concerns, unled. What rights do citizens have if the government has abandoned its responsibilities?

The Democrats are going to end up with two weak candidates, torn apart by the long and feeble primary campaign. For the good of the country the major candidates should unite, I am talking about the six top, and make a decision amongst themselves what the ticket will be, and unite behind it and a strong agenda. Otherwise they will be so weakened by compromise they will be unable to make serious moves after the election – which they could even lose, as the voters register disgust.

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