Notes dec 28 2007

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My thinking

Corporations are organized for profit despite their wider impacts. they want to draw in complex sources they don’t pay for (educated workers, national infrastructure, environment, governance, and wars) and spit simplified out profit and product. Corporations are simplification machines.  Corporations, instead of meeting social needs, develop products that meet needs of isolated individuals and other corporations. The problem was the dropping of the charter provisions and the emergence of “corporate persons”.  

Some want,  as I am hearing it so far, to minimize the importance of these. (Note the final figures on Christmas spending.)

I would escalate, not minimalize, the importance of what we are discussing:  The impact of GE on weapons markets and war policy. The impact of energy companies of national infrastructure decisions. the impact of the federal reserve (not a government agency but owned by the banks) on wealth distribution. The impact of Boeing on politics by making sure they have production facilities in most congressional districts (hey congressperson, Jobs), the impact of the car companies on energy policy (recent visits to Cheney. they can get in but I can’t).  

The result is that the corporate/ financial/ wealth holding constituency is taking the country in a direction that serves them but not history. The country is being trashed and moved towards fear and ultimately war with China, Russia, or at least Venezuela. We are really facing the full power of the military industrial complex (I would add government).  

Along the way we have had torture, and unbelievable demonstrations of stupidity and lack of education, from soldiers in the field, through congress, to the white house. The lack of simple knowledge in the ME, the impossible support for Israel, ignorance of the British history in the area, or the Crimean war or…  

This is unacceptable.  

Talk of social security? All the funds have been “borrowed” with no way to pay them back. Social security is a good idea.  

If I pay interest to a bank and the bank pays a dividend, how is that showing up as interest earned? Isn’t it dividend income?  

How far will the Bhutto assassination be used to argue for a militant policy? Those who know about the ME, with the exception of the ones arguing for a US-Israel siamese twin connection) are against militarization.  

There may be a larger strategic game to play, but we haven’t the diplomatic and country knowledge to pursue such a strategy.  

The future looms large and we have become too stupid to meet it without a paroxysm of fear and I fear a final tantrum of militarism. The corporations (large, for the most part) are the keystone of this development. Unfortunately.  

Perhaps we need to blame the enlightenment with its emphasis on a “rational” logic that features the fate of things rather than people. Perhaps the rise of the nation state as an instrument of investment and control of labor movement. Perhaps technology is the driver towards a world we regret, like bacteria in an agar dish, reproducing and eating till it runs to the edge and the population collapses.  

We can do better. We need a vision of a developing humanity and how to be confident we are getting there.

On impact on the third world. Clearly average income can be going up and the percentage in poverty going down, (hey, cheer, vote globalization) while for those left still below the poverty line conditions are deteriorating. The question is, what happens to them and how many are there? And what is happening to the cost of living as it actually is experienced for those who are moving “up” in dollar income but down in things like land possession?


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