notes jan 12, 2008

January 12, 2008 § 1 Comment

Is the economy cyclical, or long term trending  downward? I think the second is most likely. US has less of a share of total global market, and we are working from older technology and higher costs.


New Hampshire Open Left

In the New Hampshire primary, according to exit polls, 44% of voters who said that the economy was their top issue voted for Hillary Clinton. Also, 44% of voters who listed Iraq as their top issue voted for Obama. Leaving aside the 5% or primary voters who indicated that they wanted to keep troops in Iraq, the following factors were all more determinative of someone’s vote in the New Hampshire Democratic primary than any of the candidate’s position on any issue:

  • 60% of those under 25 years of age voted for Obama
  • 52% of Christians who are neither Catholic nor Protestant voted for Clinton
  • 51% of unmarried women voted for Clinton
  • 50% of unmarried men voted for Obama
  • 50% of those making less than $30K a year voted for Clinton
  • 48% of those over 65 years of age voted for Clinton
  • 48% of those who did not attend college voted for Clinton
  • 46% of women voted for Clinton
  • 45% of seculars voted for Obama

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  • rearden215 says:

    I commenting your post regarding globalization which seems to have attached itself to an earlier posting.

    I think that we are winning the race to the bottom with respect to global economic power, too. We have created an incredible disconnect between that which we produce and that which we use with so much of our economic power being subsumed into the economic tectonic plate that is the Middle Kingdom- China. Sad thing is, that we don’t seem to care.

    Once everything which we consume is made under the least cost production model which China offers today, then where do we go to have it done cheaper? India is probably not the next one to take on that model.

    Curious, I am. What do you mean by ‘technology’? My purview of technology basically ended with the dawn of true robotics at Carnegie-Mellon. I have a really hard time considering computers and computer software applications and packages to be technology in the strict sense of the word since the aforementioned are more useful for management of a process stream, rather creating value in the stream.

    Kenichi Ohmae’s ‘Mind of a Strategist’ was especially interesting the in ‘eighties and quite prescient about the future which came to be.

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