Notes for February 1, 2008

February 1, 2008 § Leave a comment

Economics: Ordinary people seem to have been in the recession for quite awhile.  It is only being noticed now that it is affecting the income stream of the more wealthy.  All the problem in part is that one handful of social scientists, including most economists, talk about the economy and think they are talking about society.  But most people have an ambivalent relationship to the economy and many are actually outside it.

Iraq: In Iraq we are doing very heavy bombing to make it look like the surge is working.

Justice: I’m halfway through reading the book on the Supreme Court, The Nine, which is a good slice through recent history.  The primal I am on display is of course the Bush Gore 2000 election decision.  I think the overall story illustrates the problem of like a sociability in America.  To the extent of the justices have it, it is with very like minded people in the insular worlds.  These folks are more isolated within careers than they are either gentleman of leisure, or broad traveling and reading citizens. 

Social class: I am also reading Henry James’ early novel, An International Incident.  It’s delightful and simple and a good introduction to James if you want to grasp his mind in its youthful stage.

Technological vulnerability. Third undersea Internet cable cut in Mideast
(CNN) — An undersea cable carrying Internet traffic was cut off the Persian Gulf emirate of Dubai, officials said Friday, the third loss of a line carrying Internet and telephone traffic in three days.


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