Notes april 26, 2008

April 26, 2008 § Leave a comment

Many of us have thought that Bush ill stat a war with Iran in order to saddle the country with a dangerous situation in November, and create a condition where McCain seems like the candidate who need to win to save the country. Imagine at that time a McCain-Patreus campaign to win the “war” and bring us to peace.


Meanwhile the Democrats are showing, in my mind,the immaturity of Clinton and Obama, compared to people like Dodd, who never had a chance because the press sees no story in it.

The role of the press is despicable, but the weakness of the candidates shows the immaturity f the country. We are a cowboy society the world is coming to fear.

Not good.

The underlying real story is not Iraq, the election, race, or bitterness.

the underlying reality is still the shift of money upwards; the angling for advantage by selling bear sterns to oneself and trashing the economy with fake “gifts’ like the rebates which are not rebates of paid taxes, but charges loaned to ourselves to pay back.


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