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May 3, 2008 § Leave a comment

Getting ready to put more of GardenWorld Politics on line, I’ve revised the web presence, reducing it to two

The blog here

The wiki


I’ve also opened up the blog to comments.

On the current situation,

I am surprised at the lack of thinking systemically. The rise of financial capitalism is (has been) generating lots of wealth for those at the top. They have no incentive to change because all proposed changes start with reducing their share of the pie, and the institutions (banks, wars, bought congress) that are entwined with them. Having gotten Reagan and thatcher, and now the Chinese to embrace creating capital at the top, they are not going to give up the leverage they have obtained. It never occurs to the blue jays to stop robbing the nests of the wrens. In our case, the destruction is out running the capacity to produce. the US has spent itself out on war and overseas consumption. Then we try to blame the folks who go to Walmart. But they go to Walmart (and don’t revolt) because the prices are low and they need low prices because they have lost jobs and purchasing power. They went for sub prime loans (look at the implied contempt, realistically they are super prime loans)because the extra dump of dollars by the fed, by making speculation in houses cheap, forced prices up and poor folks had to pay more for them – and we call it their greedy fault! All the time the pres and Greenspan were saying hey, all curves are up, ride with us!  

We see the solutions, but those with power do not want them.  

I am currently at Stanford where i can see some of the folks angling. Nano-tech and bio-tech – hey, we can keep the merry-go-round going, increase our share of the pie. still! Oh, the pie is shrinking! Better work even harder to expand out share so we at least stay even with ourselves!  

And then I’ll move to Singapore, Costa Rica (I was just there and the building of million dollar houses, and investment, from London The US, the Emirates, and Israel is shocking because it is moving fast and will destroy the country).  

Spengler, Toynbee, Marx, Malthus, Club of Rome. They were all correct. Unfortunately, while getting the years wrong, the scale, they are all proving right right now, and the pain is excruciating.  

Dick your last question is missing any institutional analysis. the war supports traditional power and corporations (banks, oil, weapons – like GE, GM, Boeing) and whereas alternative energy is not organized to offer profit. And when it is, who will benefit? The Shell exec who said “When alternative  industries are mature (past risk) we will buy them.”  

That is, to me it is obvious why we can’t do the sane things.  

We must try systemic approaches. And I suggest reading and some recent historians, such as David Harvey on the neocons and the economy.


Clinton and Obama white and black voters. This is powerful

  So much for the press.


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