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Good pictures for GardenWorld, NY at two extremes






Stephen Toulmin wrote Cosmopolis in which he showed that the 16th C was a century of crisis, the thirty years war, climate, unemployment – and the result was the enlightenment project of a minimal dialog about clear things. He says that the previous generation of Shakespeare, Erasmus, was a period of much deeper exploration of the humanity, but that was put aside to maintain civility. But the crisis is over and we can return to the larger questions of the pre-enlightenment.

Democracy was afoot, but the Renaissance was the most authoritarian, and our current regimes of repression have their origins there.

Understanding this period is crucial to understanding the modern and post-modern dilemma.

and, no mention of oil but.. cheney’s grand design.

American and Iraqi negotiators are far apart on a number of issues, said Mr. Adeeb and another senior lawmaker close to Mr. Maliki, Haider al-Abadi, in interviews on Friday.

The Americans want to continue to have “a free hand” to arrest Iraqis and carry out military operations, and they want authority for more than 50 long-term military bases, Mr. Adeeb said. He said that he doubted that a security pact along the lines sought by the Americans would pass in the Iraqi Parliament.

Mr. Abadi, another senior member of Dawa, said Americans were insisting on keeping control of Iraqi airspace and retaining legal immunity for American troops, contractors and private security guards.

The United States official familiar with the negotiations accused Iran of orchestrating a disinformation campaign to undermine the negotiations, saying, “This is Iran’s playbook.”

The official, who like others interviewed for this article requested anonymity because of the fluid nature of the negotiations, said the debate over what kinds of operations American troops could carry out without Iraqi permission “will be subject to constant revisions and review.” Troops right now are cooperating extensively with Iraqi security forces, and the “new mandate should reflect that fact,” the official said.

American service members in deployments similar to Iraq are subject only to American military law, the official said, adding that American officials wanted to retain control of Iraqi airspace because the Iraqi government did not have the ability to manage that area yet. “It’s a question of technical proficiency and capacity,” the official said.

The American ambassador to Iraq, Ryan C. Crocker, told Congress last month that “the agreement will not establish permanent bases in Iraq, and we anticipate that it will expressly forswear them.” He also said the agreement would not specify troop levels, or “tie the hands of the next administration.”

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and NYT editorial

The Worst Way of Farming

As new reports make clear, the efficiency of industrial animal production is an illusion, made possible by prisonlike confinement systems.

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