notes june 4 2008

June 4, 2008 § Leave a comment

lots to think about

reading Walter Ong on Ramus

Thinking about Michael Serres

Conferences on everything.

Hlllary really being a spoiler. left me feeling sick. Angling for 2012? Forget it. The failures of the Clinton White House (failure to engage major issues) set up the win by Bush.

Obama would benefit by redoing the National Performance review, leaving out Elaine Kamark, I think.

The push in the economy is to milk the poor for paying off the bank debt.

From the WSJ: Bennigan’s Owner In Crucial Credit Talks (hat tip Geoffrey) via

The owner of national casual-dining chains Bennigan’s, Ponderosa and Steak and Ale is in talks with its major lender GE Capital Solutions in an effort to stave off a possible bankruptcy filing …
The problems at Metromedia show just how difficult life has become for casual-dining chains. Consumers are cutting back on discretionary spending. That comes as food prices for everything from corn to steak are on the rise. Many of the companies are also highly leveraged, which is pushing them to seek protection from creditors.
Earlier this year, the parent companies of the Bakers Square, Village Inn and Old Country Buffet filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, citing fall sales and rising food costs. A host of other chains — from Outback Steakhouse to Ruby Tuesday’s — are also struggling.

Israel is one of the larger problems. For its security, need two state solution, need to de-nuclearize, need to cust US financial support.

On the economy, need to get banks to recalculate mortgages downward, preserving percentage that is owner’s equity.

“we are drowning in the tsunami of technological progress.”


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