Notes June 13

June 13, 2008 § Leave a comment


Asia’s awesome threesome
Rivals by Bill Emmott
Any friendship between China, India, and Japan is a facade, argues Bill Emmott in his new book on the inter-state rivalry and its consequences for the world. Asia’s “Big Three” are prone to suspicions and jealousies due to their highly competitive and strategic environment and this has led to a complex “new Asian drama”. Emmott’s yen for futurology yields interesting speculations but his premise of a is illogical and bypasses the impact of Russo-American tensions. – Sreeram Chaulia (Jun 13, ’08)

The problem of commercial culture is that it is confrontational, a form of theft. And when nations imitate this as the goal of life we are at tribal warfare, not civilization. The life of nations should not be a market competitions with weapons as  a way to obtain market share.


I was thinking last night that money is le clothes. Part of our facade, part of status claiming. pure and simple, raised to a fetish level. I thought there are high civilizations, were human centered manners and respect dominate, commercial where self presentation marketing dominates, and third level, where militarism dominates.

A key is “appearance”,

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c.1250, from O.Fr. aper-, stem of apareir, from L. apparere “to appear,” from ad- “to” + perere “to come forth, be visible.” Appearance “look, aspect” is from c.1385.

This morning I finished Cormac  Mccarthy’s The Road, a post apocalypse novel. Oryx and Craik.


Is beauty possible in the arts now? Perhaps this is beautiful because it creates the opening for emotions and purification. But if so, our core experience is of a bleak and sad landscape, and we hide this feeling. Makes me thin of Hillman’s view of soul and environment.


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