Notes June 14 2008

June 16, 2008 § Leave a comment

Money is clothes, moving from the cosmos of the studs on the Greek horse collar to cosmetics and cosmos (the bright spots of silver in the sky). From jewelry to value to gif to exchange. Money shows like clothes our status, our position in a society of rank. We wear our money to show our statues, and we seek it to show our status.

Money is thus part of a larger domain of status symbols.

Now, what is fascinating is that the modern theory of money separates it from status by equating it with acquisitiveness, which is unlimited But as we know, in some societies, status comes from restraint, and there are attitudes on how one can express oneself through clothes. Hence money is potentially subject to restraint.

Status, not greed, is the motive we have to work with.



re-looking at Mckibben’s Enough. Can humans put restraints.. what the techno-hypists fail to see is the actual achievements of the human. Reducing progress to a technical idea or driven by biology and survival, rather than recognizing deeply its origin in religious thinking. they want to increase the human potential, but of leverage of muscles and speed of computation, not the grace of human movement as in ballet or ice skating, but as back hoes. Mind, not as Shakespeare, Dante, Cervantes, Joyce, but as UNIX machines.

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