notes july 21

July 21, 2008 § Leave a comment

All from the Asian Times


Dangers of ‘the best military’

“Citizen soldiers” of past American wars have been replaced by the “warfighters” of “Generation Kill” in what is routinely called the “the world’s best military”. But is this such a good thing? Just ask a German military veteran in a warrior-state that went berserk in a febrile quest for full spectrum dominance. – William J Astore, retired US lieutenant colonel.

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Iran talks doomed to ‘small talk’

The expectations were high of progress being made at the weekend’s talks between Iran and the six nations handling its nuclear file, especially as the US State Department had sent its third-ranking official. All that happened was “small talk” – which was exactly what some in the George W Bush administration had wanted. – Gareth Porter

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Turkey in the throes of revolution?


A perfect storm of enmity has come down on beleaguered Turkish secularists, leading to speculation that an Islamic putsch is possible, after the fashion of the 1979 revolution in Iran. The United States views this Islamic drift favorably, seeing Turkey as a leader of a regional bloc with the short-term aim of calming Iraq and a longer-term objective of fostering a Sunni alliance against Iran. This is a big mistake. (Jul 21, ’08)

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