notes Aug 18 2008

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The Democratic platform seems lacking in any rhetorical consistency, or energy.  Krugman today says Obama’ lack of passion and specifics is taking its toll.


Of course it might be caution before the nominations, even before the inaugural, or the actions following.


so there is


obama 1 – to the nomination

obama 2 nomination to election

obama 3 election through inaugural

obama 5 inaugural

obama 6 post inaugural action/inaction.


McCain is harder because his campaign seems in such disarray.

I’ve discovered Yi-Fu Tuan. I had read his book Coming home to China, but did not realize what a scholar and wise  man he is.

In his Segmented Worlds and Self, Yi-Fu Tuan calls attention to these changes in the context of studies ; archhitecture and subjectivity. Over time, Tuan shows, we can trace the emergence of an increasing social and epistemic privatization that leads to the idea of the individual, for better or worse, as we under- stand it today. The development of a palpable awareness of self can be followed through the changes by means of which it is produced, beginning in the Middle Ages when information first begins to accumulate—the increasing number of family and self-portraits; the increasing popularity of mirrors; the development of autobiographical elements in literature; the evolution of seating from benches to chairs; the concept of the child as a stage in development; the ramification of multiple rooms in small dwellings; the elaboration of a theater of interiority in drama and the arts; and most recently, psychoanalysis. From Stone, The War of Desire and Technology.19

Back to Obama. The Rand report has he following series of  eleven issues

and On tech.

From War of Desire and Technology 1995

It is entirely possible that computer-based games will turn out to be the major unacknowledged source of socialization and education in industrialized societies before the 1990s have run their course.


there is almost no one working in the field today e original research is not or was not funded by military money.


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