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and from Talkingpoints

A good summary of the danger, from Max Bergmann at DemocracyArsenal

The big concern with a McCain presidency – a concern which I am surprised has not been vocalized more fully – is that the U.S. will lurch from crisis to crisis, confrontation to confrontation, whether it be with Iran, North Korea, Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc. The danger is that McCain’s pundit-like rhetoric will entrap the U.S. in descending spiral of foreign policy brinksmanship. Just think about the very likely scenario of McCain giving Iran/Russia a rhetorical ultimatum and Iran/Russia ignoring it. Now we are stuck – either we lose face by not following through on our threats or we follow through and go to war. We can’t afford such a reckless approach after the last eight years. For the next eight we need a president not a pundit.

If we go back to the Bush elections, nothing much was made by his ignorance and lack of capacity frame things.  In 2000 it was as if, with the new millennium,there were no issues on the horizon that required a real presidential response.By 2004 Kerry looked as weak if not weaker.

Now we have two kinds of “strong” candidates, one episodic,lurching, the other cerebral and self confident. In both cases the relation to complex reality is not obvious.


California budget.

This is very serious, foster home parents not being paid, medical suppliers to hospitals not being paid. No contractos being paid, all project stopped in midflight.

Reconstructing these when the budget gets passed (??) will be a mess.

This is an early warning of what the shifting tectonic plates of a depleted society  look like,as the real scramble is on for who wins and loses in the game of musical chairs where we now have fewer chairs.

I think the “adjustments” will be ugly and dramatic.

and from Asian Times

Economies in Asia
meet gravity

Asian economies are losing their vibrant growth as they feel the impact of slowdowns in the United States and Europe. Intra-Asian trade will offer little in the way of an alternative stimulus, while further reforms are overdue, and much needed, in India and China.

Afghan numbers don’t add up
From the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to think-tanks, the consensus is that more troops must be sent to Afghanistan to counter the spiraling insurgency. The emergence of warlords on the side of the Taliban, though, has added a new dimension to the struggle, and one which cannot easily be countered by placing more boots on the battlefield. – Syed Saleem Shahzad

Apocalypse later
It’s the year 2016 and a professional futurologist looks back at some unfortunate predictions made in 2008. He explains how the Chicken Littles were just as far from the mark about dramatic change as the Panglossian utopians, and that a different kind of apocalypse, the slow-motion kind, is what really happened to the world. – John Feffer


since the neo con strategy on the one side and Bryzhinski(sp)’s Chess Board of   central asia, Pakistan is a good keystone for the world’s future difficulties.
Here is a good article that gives some perspective on the issues.



interesting that the longest lasting human artifacts are poems and stone structures – and maybe political ideas.


The tragedy of the commons and the Ugly American show the same problem.

The commons was well managed by the ordinary farmers: it was the elites who took it over and ruined it.

The ugly American was the hero of the book, not the enemy.


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