notes oct 29 2008

October 30, 2008 § Leave a comment

Reading  Robert Harrison Forests, Read his last book, Gardens and the Human Condition.

7:00 am ; when forest people discovered the sky and its signs, the forest cover became negative.

birds in the sky the firs language – vico

marriage is a way to obtain security, a ritual of steadfastness.

clear the forests for genealogical trees. – vico

burial claimed the earth.

trees deep source of symbols




from calculated risk

According to the Census Bureau, 17% of new homes sold in Q3 2008 were financed with FHA loans. This is up from an average of 4% in the 2005 through 2007 period.
This huge percentage increase in FHA loans was partially driven by Downpayment Assistance Programs (DAPs). These programs allowed the seller to provide the buyer with the downpayment by funneling the money through a charity.


New York Times:

It is starting to appear as if one of Treasury’s key rationales for the recapitalization program — namely, that it will cause banks to start lending again — is a fig leaf, Treasury’s version of the weapons of mass destruction.

In fact, Treasury wants banks to acquire each other and is using its power to inject capital to force a new and wrenching round of bank consolidation. As Mark Landler reported in The New York Times earlier this week, "the government wants not only to stabilize the industry, but also to reshape it." Now they tell us.

Indeed, Mr. Landler’s story noted that Treasury would even funnel some of the bailout money to help banks buy other banks. And, in an almost unnoticed move, it recently put in place a new tax break, worth billions to the banking industry, that has only one purpose: to encourage bank mergers…

First [Treasury] says it has to have $700 billion to buy back toxic mortgage-backed securities. Then, as Mr. Paulson divulged to The Times this week, it turns out that even before the bill passed the House, he told his staff to start drawing up a plan for capital injections. Fearing Congress’s reaction, he didn’t tell the Hill about his change of heart.Now, he’s shifted gears again, and is directing Treasury to use the money to force bank acquisitions. Sneaking in the tax break isn’t exactly confidence-inspiring, either.


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