39. Guaranteed annual income

April 7, 2009 § Leave a comment

Given current realities, might it not solve lots of problems? It is not a new idea. Nixon proposed it, among many other advocates. As we have bailed out banks and auto manufacturers, many have suggested, what about bailing out people?

It is really an extension of social security to everyone. It would eliminate so much social anxiety, cut down on foreclosures, lead to spending.

Let’s look at some numbers. $1000 per month times pop of 300 million, makes

3 trillion a year. very high, but looking at current stimulus plans and the costs of management, perhaps this is a bargain. think of the social stability. And it might be all that is necessary. Then Obama can

go forth with cutting in many places,to lower the costs

enhancing health, education, energy, infrastructure to enhance the future

deal with taxes, towards more fairness.

re-charter banks with higher reserves and no derivatives.


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