51. foreign workers

April 14, 2009 § Leave a comment

The key driver here is cutting wages. All other considerations are bogus. But there is a line of complex causality, from the fees universities earn from foreign students, the unwillingness to invest in American workers (using workers very broadly here), the fact that new overseas workers (especially those legal and with technical skills) are younger and cheaper..

One way of looking at the core cause is that business is interested in business, not society. It wants cheap labor and expensive profits. That is, the output of a business is

  • product
  • wages
  • managerial salaries
  • profit
  • reinvestment.
  • and management mange to maximize  all but wages.

Business is part of  dynamic of inclusion and exclusion. Include those who make the money machine go faster, exclude throse that are an avoidable cost.

There is the issue of the benefits of travel and cross cultural cross pollination.  But these are not intended benefits.


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