67. Bohemian club and the economy

April 19, 2009 § Leave a comment

This article on gtrying to investigatet the bohemian club’s cutting of old growth redwoods is a great metaphor for the inability to get the story about the banks, obama, and fiancing.

Bohemian Tragedy

Members of the ultra-exclusive Bohemian Club—2,500 of America’s richest, most conservative men, including Henry Kissinger, George H. W. Bush, and a passel of Bechtels, Basses, and Rockefellers—are known to urinate freely against the ancient redwoods that cover their 2,700-acre property. Have they been chopping down the trees as well? According to one former member turned whistle-blower, the San Francisco–based society may have logged some of its old-growth forest. Drawing on his own Ivy League ties, the author investigates, with a daring sortie into the ceremonial kickoff of the Bohemians’ annual encampment.

via Alex Shoumatoff on the Bohemian Club | vanityfair.com.

A few other stories struggle to get at the facts of the obama – finance connections, do about as badly, since it is just ard to get facts.

One suche article, from a highly critical perspective, but may be correct is


Geithner and Summers Want More Debt Bubbles: The Result Could Be Catastrophic

By Thom Hartmann


and another


Barack Obama: Crime Boss

By Stephen Lendman

19 April, 2009


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