141. Secrets of the WSJ – Paul Krugman Blog – NYTimes.com

July 4, 2009 § Leave a comment

Krugman is so clear, direct, and courageous. The Nobel calmed him, has made him all the better. The lsat few months he has been a clear voice of sanity. ther are others, scuh as Stiglitz, Calculated Risk, Economistsviews, and baseline Scenarios. But Krugman keeps being the clearest, and taking on the hard issues.

Secrets of the WSJ

This morning’s Wall Street Journal opinion section contains a lot of what one expects to see. There’s an opinion piece making a big fuss over the fake scandal at the EPA. There’s an editorial claiming that the latest job figures prove the failure of Obama’s economic plan — something I dealt with in the Times. All of this follows on yesterday’s editorial asserting that the Minnesota senatorial election was stolen.

All of this is par for the course; the WSJ editorial page has been like this for 35 years. Nonetheless, it got me wondering: what do these people really believe?

I mean, they’re not stupid — life would be a lot easier if they were. So they know they’re not telling the truth. But they obviously believe that their dishonesty serves a higher truth — one that is, in effect, told only to Inner Party members, while the Outer Party makes do with prolefeed.

The question is, what is that higher truth? What do these people really believe in?

via Secrets of the WSJ – Paul Krugman Blog – NYTimes.com.


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