193. more us and them.

August 3, 2009 § Leave a comment

The problem is, in a money driven economy, there is no path to an alternative. If you and i chose say voluntary simplicity, we lessen the demand for the things we would have bought. this brings down their price so that those who do buy can get more.

This is especially painful with homes. If the is a certain distribution of small and large homes, and you and i chose to move towards smaller, that increases the demand for smaller and tends to increase their price. At the same time (we are talking about here numbers of buyers) our choosing to not move up means that the upper level homes are now cheaper. Since it is the richer ho buy up, they are getting a better price whereas we are paying more for moving down than we would have if moving down had not become a life style choice for many.

This makes it very hard for a non-economic alternative social focus to emerge because it needs space and food, but the price of these keep increasing. It is a version of taxing the native huts so that they must work in the mines to earn the cash to pay the tax.


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