215. Systems of belief have implications.

August 9, 2009 § Leave a comment

You are what you eat” can be paralleled with “you are what you believe.”

image three minds.

1. I like poetry, read it all the time and write when i can and hang out with poets. in our world color and drama and deep thinking combine with sound and rhythm,, images and awakenings..

2. I like science, the world is amazing. our sun is a star, and it will go out. life is tenuous.. We almost understand all of it. It is a question of organizing infrmation and asking the right questions.

3. I am an economist. People make choices based on information about what the market has to offer. This process is a continuous balancing and gets everyone what they want.

I am cartooning these so we can see that each system, not too far from reality, has implications for what to do, who to be with, what ought to happen.

The question is what frameworks of belief lead to belter lives?


Take for example a new book on Ecology


Its basic frame is predator-prey. Pretty devastating view of life, say compared to that of the poet.

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