292. The National Interest

November 23, 2009 § Leave a comment

This is quite strong.  If the US can’t do much, with its own or lead for others.. we have really blown it.

Death Cometh for the Greenbackby Joseph E. Stiglitz10.27.2009 From the November/December issue of The National Interest. THE DOLLAR is in trouble. That’s clear, and it’s been true for a while.The cornerstone of the global economic system has long been the greenback. In the aftermath of the Vietnam War and the oil shocks that brought on inflation, the value of the dollar relative to other currencies could not be maintained, so countries moved away from pegging their currencies to America’s. But still, the almighty dollar was used by countries all over the world for their reserves. The reserves provided backing for the currency and the country. They were a bank account that could be drawn upon in times of need. If oil prices shot up, a crop failed or lenders demanded their money back, there was a stockpile of money that could be used.

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via The National Interest.


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