317. books: brand, Rifkin

February 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Severl recent books.

Steart Brand’s The whole earth Siscipline, give s agood but bleak view of the likley future, with a seondary look at a techcratic modification that might have a major effect.

the problem is that the tea party undercurrent is hostile to experts absed on bank failure, health reform failure, security mess (afghanistan0, and others. the public sees experts, corporations and goivernments as mostly self serving and in need of being reigned in.

Climate change science gets roped into this as big boondogle that, even if he dnagers are real, the solutions are aimed at more economic ripoff.

See the very important review of the party perspectives in this NYT article.

A very different approach, yet consistent with Brand’s afirmation of technology, is Jeremy Rifkin’s Empathic Civilization, which argues that tech plus compassion is necessar to overcome political stagnation.

These two, with lovelock’s two gaia books, fram the future bout as well as can be done, with Jared diamond’s Collapse and Chalmers Johnsons nemesis rounding out the diagnosis.

i still think GardenWorld has a lot to offer.


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