gull oil seriousness

May 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Quite interesting

What disturbs me is that I don’t think we are seeing a maximum effort to clean up this mess, or anywhere close. A maximum effort might be to comandeer fifty oil tankers and put them to work sucking up the contaminated sea water, and meanwhile put all the resources available from any and all construction companies to work building a treatment plant to separate the oil from the water the tankers suck up. A war, even on foreign shores would receive such an effort. Why not this, which is much more important to the country than any foreign war? So long as BP is in charge, all decision will be made with an eye toward saving money and there will not be the maximum effort that this situation merits.

this from a site, the oil drum, almost real time analysis.

Douglass Carmichael

Stanford MAHB, Stanford Strategy Studio, Media X
Shakespeare and Tao Consulting


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