Oil shale

May 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

The urge for oil ( a bit manipulated) is driven by the urge for profit (source of status and security in our society). We need to be mindful of the momentum for shake already under way . This from tech talk at the oil drum 

One of the large numbers that is often quoted in response to the concerns that some of us express over future energy supplies relates to the amount of oil that is present in oil shale. However, there seems to be a general consensus among many that write about world energy, that the 2 trillion barrels of oil potentially available out of the 4 trillion barrels locked in the United States oil shales are not, at the present time, a realistic source of supply. So for the next couple or more weeks these weekly tech talks will be discussing oil shale. The Federal Government is reviewing the leasing process for these lands, and so it might be timely.

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