Behavior change

June 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

From the oil barrel

Forced lifestyle change, for political purposes, is not possible. We should have learned this from the old Soviet Union, who tried many ways to force lifestyle change upon people, and it never worked. In the end, it simply created tyranny and suffering. If people hope to exploit this kind of event to force political change upon the nation, the end result cannot be anything good at all, but will end up with monstrous disaster. The key, as always, is to ALLOW change to happen naturally, to ALLOW alternate forms of energy to be created. As usual, the politically motivated cannot find an answer, as they use politics to attempt to divine an answer to practical problems. Instead, the answers have to come organically, they have to be generated by, wait for it, free enterprise – and by people finding ways to supply needs economically.

Douglass Carmichael

Stanford MAHB, Stanford Strategy Studio, Media X
Shakespeare and Tao Consulting


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