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    1. We need to take seriously the idea of Assessment of Human Behavior. That is, we need to do it.
    1. We need content for the newsletter. The blog. The wiki.
    1. Some clarity about Scandinavia, other groups. Including what to do with Gene when he arrives for periodic visits?
    1. Vision (GardenWorld)
    1. Unfolding plausible scenarios
    1. What is in the way of these scenarios?
    • Douglass Carmichae toChuck HouseA larger corporation obviously maps onto a larger part of the world. Keeping anxiety low across an organization is Important. The larger the mapping the more nodes needing attention and the greater the probability of nodes acting out of line in such a way as to destabilize. Corporations as they grow are more hedgehogs than foxes, not as a question of management goals, but simply as a result of complexity.
      15 hours ago · · See Wall-to-Wall
    •  Comparing Kirkpatrick’s book the Facebook  Effect with the nyt July 25 article ” the end of forgetting”. There is no redemption in cyberspace. Will a new set of cultural beliefs, a new nexus, emerge? Facebook is of course fasinating, mostly because of the nevitability of the niche reinforced by Zuherman’s steely resolve and unswerveability, of the charts for business, nt even business really, but a thing of consequence. Its ultimate effect: to make the world more transpaarent?

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