374. ipad use

April 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

This is an amazing machine. I’ve known it would change the way i work, and shocked by the nay-sayers. Here goes


Reading. It will bring all my book and web reading together. My only concern is how to use it  for note taking. There is a split screen app that will help, reading in one, notes in the other. I’ve got the Bluetooth keyboard to it should be easy. The idea that all the things i read at are at hand (the experience with Iphone gets us close but the Iphone battery leaves much to be desired. using the Ipad will make battery use of the Iphone much less.

Calendar. Instant on and large screen, the best of iphone and lap top, will make this much easier as my schedule gets much more complicated.

I’ve got the draft of a book up, and opening windows in my wordpress blog should make chapter edits very easy.

There is also an app for seeing and interacting with my desktop (or laptop) on the Ipad full functionality.

And another app that brings OneNote pages (my main application) on to the Ipad. Instant synch.

And dragon diction is just great, and I will use it a lot.Not sure if i have to email myself the files of can cut and past easily enough.

But the key is an instant on always at hand light and crisp gadget. I’ll keep this up to date as I gain some experience.


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