Lao tzu 50c

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enter batle not burdened armor weapons

rino has no place thrust its horn

tiger has no place slash its claws





that is: protection communicates points of vulnerabilityso being without protection does not draw attention.


lao tzu 50 a

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coming out birth

going in death

those born have the thirteen

those dying have the thirteen

13 probably means 4 limbs and 9 orifices

implies that living and dying are close

Lao tzu 49 a

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wise person without fixed mind

regard hundred clans mind makes mind

good have my good





hundred clans means everybody. I am not separate from normal mind, yet not fixed by it.

Lao tzu 48 a

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make learning daily increase

make tao daily decrease

decrease and more decrease

the character for tao is a foot going, and head, that is, looking ahead while going: the path the way, pay attention, normal vigilance. Head is the face, reduced to an eye with a topknot, old Chinese style hair. The eye is tuned sideways for easier writing. Note the reading is from right down and I am using one English word for each Chinese word (character).

lao tzu 47 c

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is thus wise person not go but knows

not see but names

not makes but achieves

Chuag Tzu coments “he who¬†escapes change is wise”

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